Allpvastore (Faq)

Welcome, Want to know more about our facebook PVA? Lets get started to our (faq) which may help you to understand what is the advantage of pva accounts in the store..

Frequently Ask

1What is PVA?

PVA stands for Phone Verified Account . It is better to your account verified by a phone . It will take some restrictions and your pages have less risk of being banned or blocked for several reasons . It will be safer for advertising platform.

2What is the cookie mean?

Every PVA's have a unique session cookie stored in the browser's storage, Ex., chrome and Firefox which you can access the account without using the email and password, simply import the cookie in your browser to open the account

3How long the facebook pva accounts delivery?

We usually deliver the order within 24 hours if you order below 20 profiles, Maximum of 48 hours if you ordered more than 20 profiles. If you purchase on weekend you'll expect the account in the next working day, the details will be send to your email address and if not receive after that time please contact us. Noted: Please check your spam folder within that time to avoid such delayed receiving the accounts..

4What is the advantages of having the fresh cookies?

You can bypass the basic login process which may cause 80% identity check during first login atempt in the new device, unlike the cookie once generated you have the ability to restore the current session of the accounts once you import even in different browser device

5Why the phone number is being removed?

The number is not available in each account to avoid re-verification in the future, they are still secure because we replace the number with a valid email address. We removed the mobile number because they are old accounts and they are strong enough to hold our activity even without phone numbers, Our reason is to avoid future problem like sending six digit codes to the expired numbers. It is hard to lost our fan-page, groups, followers when we are require unlock the account using the same number. So, to avoid the problem in the future we minimize the losses by removing the expired numbers to the account itself.

6How to know my account is PVA?

Try to register as app developer as you cannot create new apps or custom url if the account is not phone verified

7Do you have account with marketplace?

Yes, we have available accounts with marketplace access in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia

8What is Farm Accounts

Our finest account for advertising purposes, These are ready for ads, good enough of activities and high trust ratings even for black-hat ads. We invest time and money to manages these accounts to aim the high quality accounts for business paid ads.

9Are these accounts working for ads?

Choose our farm accounts if you are looking ready for ads these are well working. We manages ads accounts today using our own account and they are working perfectly.. However if you are looking cheaper account but may need additional activity usually business gold account is the most popular for the paid advertising because they are in good quality.For business and business gold we do additional activity like adding payment method 48 hours before we launch our white hat ads . But we cannot give any guarantee that all of our business gold & Premium accounts are working for long running ads.

10Can you supply PVA from specific location or country?

You can choose any Geo location from EUROPE, America, ASIA, middle east, RUSSIA, and Latin Countries, these are base from the origin of the IP address match account address during the registration. If the country is not listed to our available GEO please let us know.

11I bought USA PVA but the Money isn't Dollar($)

Let us know if you received accounts with different currency from requested country, We may made a mistake or the ip we use the account was leaked and tagg in different geo

12Can I GET US PVA with dollar ($) US & euro currency?

Sure, you can get 100% US dollar, Euro currency once you order the accounts location in the requested country, We have plenty of stocks availalbe right now.

13Do I need clean private and residential proxy?

You must have alternative IP address if you buy accounts with us, Residential IP is recommended for paid advertising purpose, Data center IP proxy is recommended for promotion of the products via groups. Note: We do not share the IP address that used to made these accounts.

14Do you have PVA with relivant news feeds ads in requested country?

Choose our farm account to get news feeds ads. However you cannot used our business gold accounts to spy someone ads because they don't enough activity to qualify the news feeds ads on.

15Do you sell account with fapages already?

We have available accounts with fan-pages, timeline is in good shapre the images are generic and the pages category is under community with different niche.

16What if my account banned after 48 hours?

Once the guaranteed time limits expired, we are no longer responsible to any damages.

17What will I do if my account ask to secure phone number?

Usually the account ask to secure with mobile numbers but you can simply update the email and secure the password to avoid that suggestions. These accounts are already verified by numbers before, we do not add new phone number again and again when they are expired.

1848 Hours Free Replacement Warranty

It is guaranteed time limit to check the account quality and to match the need of your business, Within this time If you are unhappy or if they are different, mismatch information on what we advertise to our website you can ask full refund or replacement if we made a mistake. Refund will be made within 24 to 48 hours after the request we received.

19Where do I ask refund?

Contact us via email to ask full refund within 48 hours

Our Customers

The people around here are very professional less then 24 hours they deliver my order almost 500 accounts, I am totally amaze the quick services & response. We are now planning to purchase 10,000 accounts hope you guys you will make and ready all these accounts. Thank you and have a good day!

Kenneth M.


Hi guys, I am totally impress your pvas you are rock in business because I am your big customers, We already purchase large numbers of accounts today, Cheers we want you guys to earn more money from our company. See yeah...

Julio Marciano Dela Ver Gara


Hello guys, thank you for the great and quality services, this is my 24 visit in your website and promise all your accounts are working good in my system.  I never go any issue in my accounts again because you are very good provider. Your groups all are English in my next order I wish you will deliver some Spanish groups. Cheers...!!!

Mercader Garcia


When I purchase stand packages their staff deliver my order less than 24 hours, To be honest I love to post the groups in my account because I receive comments and info many times. My link also have many real clicks and views most traffic are comes from United States & Australia cheers. Now my ad-sense raise over 65% real traffic and views... Cheers!!!

Rodulf Solemn

Local Business Owner

Hello, I'd like to share our experience of doing business with your PVA store. We are a large company in Germany and we use your business gold accounts for multiple online purposes. Your support is always reliable and timely and the accounts we get from you are always excellent quality. We will continue to use your company for all our PVA needs into the future. Thank you!

Pedro Garcia De Guzman

Google Ad-sense Advertiser

Hi, I'm Pedro Garcia De Guzman in Mexico. I just want to thank you your help and support. I am new with Facebook marketing and Google AdSense advertising and you help me a lot. I tell all my friends about AllPVAstore. Thank you for a great service.

Beth McGregor

Freelancer Developer

I am so happy that I bought aged Facebook accounts from your company. All of the accounts I have purchased from you have worked flawlessly. As a social media professional I am working on multiple campaigns for multiple clients at any one time. I set up their social media systems, run their ads as well as implement and manage their social media SEO. I have an ongoing need for high quality, aged accounts. Allpvastore delivers every time! So, I highly recommend your service to my colleagues on a regular basis, because I am so impressed with your service

Donald Barrie

SEO Ranger LLC

We are regular customers who order business gold packages on a weekly basis. We use our accounts to run ads for our company and so far the accounts we have purchased from Allpvastore have all worked just fine. There have been no login problems and no security issues. Allpvastore provides excellent support, especially with re-verification and ID verification. The accounts we've purchased to use for ads have all had good ad spends and ad success, which we believe is partially related to the quality and "aged" nature of these PVA accounts. We are completely happy with this service and highly recommend them.


From a regular customer... Hello, I'd like to share our experience of doing business with your PVA store. We are a large company in Germany and we use your business gold accounts for multiple online purposes. Your support is always reliable and timely and the accounts we get from you are always excellent quality. We will continue to use your company for all our PVA needs into the future. Thank you!