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BUY old Facebook accounts MANUALLY VERIFIED by Phone Numbers, Email Address. Every facebook PVA have individual interest, friends, pictures, groups and timeline updates. These are good real-looking profiles and All registered from unique GEO tagging residential IP address.. Business Gold .

Our Facebook PVA accounts are perfect for marketing & advertising platform it has good performing on every ads features however additional activity is required. We also have Facebook account with marketplace feature by having this you can easily post your ads right after you receive the details. Order Now!


$1/ profile


  • Non Profiled
  • 48 Hours Free Replacement
  • 1 Month old
PVA Facebook payment


$3/ profile


  • Profiled
  • Expired Number Removed
  • 48 Hours Free Replacement
  • Active Cookie
  • 5 Months Old Profiles
  • PVA Facebook payment
Business Gold

Business Gold

$5/ profile


  • Profiled
  • Expired Number Removed
  • 48 Hours Free Replacement
  • Active Cookie
  • 4 years old
  • PVA Facebook payment


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We deliver all order's within 24 hours

We Sell Any,
Social Media Phone Verified Accounts

ALL PVA Store Users benefits

D Individual users can also benefit from a PVA, as it will enable you to use mobile offerings,which include friend request notifications, groups & wall posting updates, status update notifications.

Our PVA store features manually-created accounts...Read more

Quality and Features Benefits

D A phone-verified account is a must-have for developers, programmers and advertiser as you cannot create new ads or apps until you've verified your account

by phone registered via servers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland....Read more

Questions and answers

1What is PVA?
PVA stands for Phone Verified Account . It is better to your account verified by a phone . It will take some restrictions and your pages have less risk of being banned or blocked for several reasons . It will be safer for advertising platform.
2What is expired number removed?
It means, the mobile number is no longer active not able to accept text messages, calls from anyone who will try to call the number.
3It is included cookie?
Yes we captured current cookie session so you can easily access the account by importing cookie to your browser. We provide instruction in this part during delivery.
4Are these accounts working in ads?
Yes, Our accounts are made from unique RDSL IP's and they also work on facebook ads, But we cannot give any guarantee that all of our accounts are working for ads because we have different tricks and methods on how we made our ads account. If you are looking accounts suggested for paid ads please use our busines gold accounts, We will give you 3 years old accounts & all country available for this package www.allpvastore.com/business-gold
5Can you supply PVA from specific location or country?
Yes, you can choose your own Geo-location, we accept custom Biographical Information, Ex.) Country, Gender, Interest, Groups Niche, Target friends, Email provider? Please contact us for more information we only accept under business gold package only.
6Why Business & Gold packages it says mobile number removed?
Yes, we removed the mobile number because they are old accounts and they are strong enough to hold your activity even without phone numbers. Our reason is to avoid future problem like sending six digit codes to the expired number. It will give risk to lost your fan-page, groups, followers, when they require to re-verify using the same number. So, to avoid future activity and minimize the losses we decided to removed the expired numbers to our accounts.
7What is "48 Hours Free Replacement Warranty"?
It is guaranteed time limit to check the account quality to match the product that you bought from us. Within this time, If you are unhappy, received different product, mismatch information on what we advertise you ask full refund or replacement. The refund will be made within 24 to 48 hours after the request we received.
8What will I do if my account ask to secure phone number?
Yes, they will ask you to secure the profile when you buy under BS & BG packages but you can simply update the email and secure the password to avoid that suggestions. These accounts are already verified before and we do not add new phone number again and again when they are expired.
9What if my account banned after 48 hours?
Once the guaranteed time limits expired, we are no longer responsible to any damages.
10Where do I ask refund?
Contact us via email to ask full refund within 48 hours
11How to know my account is PVA?
Most people want to know if the account verified by a phone number. But if you want to know how then try to register as app developer as you cannot create new apps if the account is not phone verified.
12How long the delivery?
We usually deliver the order within 24 hours if you order below 20 profiles, maximum of 48 hours if you ordered more than 20 profiles.
13You are legit seller?
Yes 100% legit.
14Do you have review pages?
We don't have yet maybe soon we will allow reviews pages.
15What is different of profiled and non profiled?
Profiled are complete details, including address, timeline cover, profile picture, home town, current address, schools and job. Non profile are the empty account.
16Do you provide test account?
No our account are private and we never expose this on public.


Here is just some of the positive feedback we receive on a daily basis from satisfied ALL PVA STORE customers.

  • We are regular customers who order business gold packages on a weekly basis. We use our accounts to run ads for our company and so far the accounts we have purchased from Allpvastore have all worked just fine. There have been no login problems and no security issues. Allpvastore provides excellent support, especially with re-verification and ID verification. The accounts we've purchased to use for ads have all had good ad spends and ad success, which we believe is partially related to the quality and "aged" nature of these PVA accounts. We are completely happy with this service and highly recommend them.
    Donald Barrie
    SEO Ranger LLC
  • I am so happy that I bought aged Facebook accounts from your company. All of the accounts I have purchased from you have worked flawlessly. As a social media professional I am working on multiple campaigns for multiple clients at any one time. I set up their social media systems, run their ads as well as implement and manage their social media SEO. I have an ongoing need for high quality, aged accounts. Allpvastore delivers every time! So, I highly recommend your service to my colleagues on a regular basis, because I am so impressed with your service
    Beth McGregor
    Freelancer Developer
  • Hi, I'm Pedro Garcia De Guzman in Mexico. I just want to thank you your help and support. I am new with Facebook marketing and Google AdSense advertising and you help me a lot. I tell all my friends about AllPVAstore. Thank you for a great service.
    Pedro Garcia De Guzman
    Google Ad-sense Advertiser
  • Hello, I'd like to share our experience of doing business with your PVA store. We are a large company in Germany and we use your business gold accounts for multiple online purposes. Your support is always reliable and timely and the accounts we get from you are always excellent quality. We will continue to use your company for all our PVA needs into the future. Thank you!
    Rodulf Solemn
    Local Business Owner

Why it's worth to choose our Social |PVA?

Our accounts here are useful specially for ads & apps registration, groups advertising, because we provide
accounts without login problems even you if access from different proxy server



Our PVA are safe specially if you plan to build audience for business


With our advance methods you can use our accounts in long-term.


All our PVA's are secured & protected by each security questions,
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In Business

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